Saturday, March 21, 2009

new spring decorating!

Or at least new pillows for my 10 year old sofa! Made out of a few remnants from JoAnns:

This is the front, from a floralish homedec weight remnant.

new pillows

And the backs are different. One is a coordinating homedec weight remanant, and the other is some white quilted stuff that was also a remanant. The backs overlap for easy in/out to wash off dog hair and spilled coffee and things.
new pillows


kbenco said...

Pretty cushions. I like the binding on the back of the quilted version, good idea.

ACorgiHouse said...

I do too, and I like the easy on and off to wash. Another thing to add to my "need to do" list! K

Anonymous said...

Very creative..f