Sunday, August 30, 2009

in which a nap is not taken

First we tell some stories
more stories?

Then we make a toddler containment zone with lots of quilts (quilts! sewing related material in post!)
nope, not napping

Then we try on all our aunt's shoes
trying on my shoes

Then we think about napping but no eyes are closed

And repeat until your aunt gives up and takes you outside to play.

It's a good thing he's so cute or I'd be going completely insane. ;-)

Friday, August 28, 2009

two links

lucy's ears Two quick links for a Friday night before I crash and fall fast asleep. (Work has been kicking my butt the last few weeks, which it will continue to do so until Dec 23. At least I knew what I was getting back into when I returned! (; ) Beebee, I can't send you any time to make up the Stretch & Sew patterns- I need it to try the HUGE pile of ones I have here!

*a fantastic slideshow of Michelle Obama's outfits. I LOVE this... I got lost for a looong time flicking through these pictures. I can't believe how wonderfully she dresses! It's 126 photos, so be careful this will suck you in!

* Make zine on poorly made cheap products. This could apply to most clothes that people buy as well. And, well, I say that as someone who does have stuff from H&M/Old Navy/etc in her closet (although I should note that one of my favorite coats is a 4 year old H&M coat that wears like iron! So they sometimes make good stuff).

The bunny, by the way, is my sister's pet rabbit, Lucy. I don't like photo-less posts, so here she is. ;-)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

bwof 09-2009-127 photos

It's insanely hard to photograph black, but you all knew that. Here's some pictures of my jacket.

Front. The faille is a bit wrinkled from running around after dog on a walk. Since it's lined with silk it's pretty warm.

Inside. You can sort of see how the armhole comes in. There's a seam at the top of the arm that curves over your shoulder.

Back, with the collar folded weirdly. It hits right at the top of my hips.

Monday, August 24, 2009

PJ detox

I finished up 2 more pairs of PJs -matching ones for my nephew and brother in law- and then needed something, um... more challenging than flannel PJ pants. ;-) Thankfully my September BWOF arrived Saturday afternoon and I fell in love with jacket #127. Look how cute it is!

I used my black faille from the Vera Lavendar collection and made a size 36. Fits perfectly, hooray! BWOF always fits so well I never make muslins when I use a 36 anymore. Someday I'm going to wake up and find out that they're using different blocks or my body has changed and trash a gorgeous piece of fabric making something unwearable.

Inside out:

The faille is pretty water resistant (nice in our rainy summer) but that means it also kind of repels pins... sewing needles...etc. I used a "sharp" needle for my machine and had a horrible time handsewing the sleeve hems. I bagged the jacket & left an opening at the hem, so that was also a royal pain to stitch shut.

Lining is some yellow duopini silk from Paron's annex. I was going to use some Bemberg rayon lining, but I couldn't deal with the slipperyness. This silk isn't terribly slippery because it's nice and nubby so it was much easier to sew.

I don't have any great photos since I only sewed the buttons on early this morning, but here's a quick view on me running out the door to the train:

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The PJ factory, part IV

I haven't sewn anything much other than more little girl PJs since we came back from vacation. My sister needed more pairs so that a late load of laundry didn't throw bedtime in more chaos than it is already.... Here's a pair for Ana, pre-hemming.

PJs for ana

And another pair of pants for Ana. Both of these are made with interlock from JoAnn.

Here's a pair of Winnie the Pooh flannel ones for Ana.
winnie the pooh

A pair for Kate... flannel and knit are from JoAnns. She picked out the Ariel print even though she's never seen The Little Mermaid.

And Kate modelling her Ariel PJs

And you know what happens when you sew up stuff for your sister? You come home with another sewing request.... ;-) This is going to be interesting, it takes something like 20 yards of fabric. If you can't read her hand writing, she has "white with pink trim, for Ana's room" written over one of the views. Oh boy.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Originally uploaded by wck

This is what happens when work gets a little crazy... vacation gets split into a bunch of 3 day weekends. ;-) We're off to the shore in virginia, although I don't think they call it the shore down here.....

transportation we'll be taking:

what's waiting on the other end:
more waves

Aaaah, summer- have a wonderful weekend everyone! Post some fantastic sewing projects so I have something to drool over when I'm trying to get my sewing fix by reading blogs!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

zebra stripes

Where did that weekend go? Actually, I know where mine disappeared to, but it seemed like it flew by far too quickly. First, this is a skirt I made my sister for her birthday present and never posted here. I was going for SCHNAZZY. The fabric is some weird fuzzy knit horrendous stuff from Joanns that burnt if you ironed it without a press cloth. Nasty stuff. I wasn't taking this skirt too seriously though, so it was OK. I'm also making her a wrap dress from V8379 but that's not even cut out yet.

I joined the Go Chanel or Go Home Sew along and so... you can read about where my weekend disappeared over there. ;-)