Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricanes & Halloween

I couldn't let Halloween go by without a little bit of sewing - Kate requested a "snow princess dress" and Ana wanted to be a 1940s nurse.

Ana has a book with a nurse in it who wears a blue & white striped dress, white apron, and an old fashioned nurse cap. I didn't find any blue & white striped material I liked, but I did remember that I had this blue & white checked silk/cotton fabric. I thought I would use that material & just make it a simple, nice dress that could be re-worn for parties and things.

Halloween Costumes

Kate's outfit was, of course, just going to be a Halloween costume so I bought some icky poly costume stuff at JoAnns, swore at it nonstop while I was cutting and sewing, and muddled my way through. It's OK, she loves how it came out.

Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes

I hope everyone survived Hurricane Sandy OK. I dropped my sailor off at his ship on Saturday night & haven't seen him since. I've gotten a few text messages so I know that he is OK, just very very very busy. We lost power for a little over 30 hours; I was prepared for that so I came through OK.

Our town had some flooding, but nothing like towns nearby. If you don't yet have power back, I hope it comes back soon!

Hurricane Sandy early morning in Jersey City