Sunday, January 15, 2012

zip zip

Should I just start every post here with "OMG, so busy!!"? ;) The year has been flying by far too fast for us so far.

It was sadly time to put away the Christmas tree - see you next year, Santa Clauses.


I did manage to find time to make up a little outfit for Kate - an Ottobre Tshirt and a little white baby cord skirt. Since she loved the slip from her 1950s dress so much, I layered this one with some floral quilting cotton to make a "slip" that could show. The skirt has a little waistband that has elastic running through it.
skirt detail
The t-shirt fabric was bought off Spoonflower a while ago (here). I wanted to try out their organic cotton knit, and I was pleasantly surprised that it's a nice knit! Has some horizontal stretch, and it's just a smidge thick but very soft. Good stuff for kids clothes.
raglan T
Here it is on Kate.
Kate Skirt
One last shot - I snuck in a quick visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art the other day. I finally have a membership so I can slip in for a short visit and not feel guilty about not getting my money's worth from the visit! ;) Here's a quick view of one of the schmancy french rooms they have. Those are always interesting to walk through & imagine living in such fancy surroundings.
Happy sewing!