Monday, December 29, 2008

photos! sort of

stitch magazine skirtWell. I promised photos of the pintuck skirt, but the light here was just not cooperating. Add to that Kate, Ana and Tom who were running around being tiny hobgoblins, and there you go. We're doing two photos, one of the skirt on me (where you can see the shape and that's about it) and one of the pintucks. I still love this skirt... the combination of silk charmeuse for a lining and light cord for the skirt was very warm, even worn with just knee socks on a blustery NYC day. I walked most of the way down bleeker to The Hummus Place for lunch, then back, and I stayed pretty warm and toasty.

This skirt was a cinch to make - it was the tracing that was a nightmare. BWOF tracing really isn't a problem for me, and tracing off the pleated skirt from the Stitch magazine sheet was ok, but this skirt took ages to even find the correct lines. It was so worth it, though- I love the effect of the wavy pintuck lines.

I ended up using, as usual, a bias tape hem on the skirt and a grosgrain ribbon waistband. The invisible zipper insertion I did wasn't the bestest ever, but it only has the teensiest bubble at the bottom, so it's OK. I did interface, so not sure where the bubble came from this time.
stitch magazine skirt

And... new mail! Two new Hot Patterns came today!! Can't wait to make that little jacket, although the notched collar is kind of freaking me out a bit.


pintucks and more box bags

No pictures yt, but I made another skirt from Stitch magazine... this one is the pintuck skirt, in brown corduroy from Ebad's on 8th ave. I wore it to work today with my brown knee high boots- finally another skirt I can wear with them! I think I've never had so many skirts I can wear with my boots as I do right now, which is a small triumph for me. This idea of actually sewing things I'll wear a lot, instead of things that look neat but never come out of the closet, is a bit of a work in progress for me.

In any event, I bought myself, finally, a bluetooth headset for my phone. I've wanted a jawbone in the light gold color since it was announced months ago, but it only just recently dropped in price enough that I would buy it to use while driving. Amazon sells a little bag to hold the ear piece in, for $10. Or, I could make a little bag for it myself. ;-)

Here is the little bag... cute, but nothing you couldn't knock off with a bit of fabric!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

stitch magazine skirt


I hope everyone's Christmas was lots of fun! Ours was chaotic, but then every day with the nieces and nephews is pretty much total chaos anyway.

We'll call this a "remix" of the pleated skirt from Stitch Magazine. I left like I hadn't sewn any new clothes for myself in years after all that christmas stuffie and pajama and tote bag sewing (which for someone who LOVES making clothes is some serious deprivation (-; ), so this afternoon I made a new skirt for christmas dinner. This is a $2 skirt... the fabric is a poly homedec fabric, about tablecloth or napkin weight from the JoAnn's remnant bin. It has a 50 cent zipper in it from Daytona, then a ribbon waistband and bias tape hem from my stash. The pattern is loosely the pleated front skirt from Stitch, although I heavily modified it to remove the button front and to work with my skinny fabric remnant. I ended up with a skinny front panel, a skinny back panel, and two skinny side panels. It works ok, although the zipper is offset from the center in the back where the back panel and a side panel meet.

I like this pleated shape from the front and back, but from the side it really emphasizes my swayback. I'm searching for a nice bell shape to make a new skirt for a dinner party- I've got the fabric, which is a soft buttercup yellow wool- and now I just need a good pattern. This is close, but I'll probably look through my BWOFs for a better one.

Kate spent some time investigating my new sewing machine with me this afternoon, and we made a new jumper for her american doll on it. She loves the fancy decorative stitching and so we ended up with a pink jumper with an appliqued heart on the front and a snowflake decorative stitch in purple on the hem. Very "designed by Kate" indeed!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas to all! I'm still working away on a few last minute gifts, but I have a couple hours tomorrow morning if I really need them. Next year, I'm starting Christmas sewing in June! On the bright side, I've made almost every gift I'm giving, which is pretty cool. I ended up buying 2 calendars... some tea and dried fruit and cheese... a bottle of single malt scotch for my dad (which is bit of an annual joke, because I polish off far more of his single malt collection than he ever does)... a borders gift card for my brother in law... a pair of shoes for each of kate, ana and tom, and a few books for the kids. Not too bad, and everyone got some homemade PJs and things as well.

This teddy bear is for Ana, and it's from an older Simplicity pattern that my aunt bought me at a garage sale last year. This is the smallest size, 18 inches. There's a medium and a large in the pattern as well- I really like how it came out, but there's a far amount of hand sewing in closing the back and each arm and leg. I prefer the stuffie patterns where you only have to hand sew one opening, not 5! The face is so cute, though, I can definitely see myself making the large size as well.

I hope everyone's Christmas is fun and relaxing!

still more christmas sewing

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This is the burda style amin pattern - my first burda style pattern!

I also played with the decorative stitches on my new machine to decorate two towels:


The penguins are from scraps from my sister's PJs and tote bag.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

box bag

box bag
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A smidge of sewing for me snuck into the presents! This is a small bag from the box bag tutorial from the Drago[knit]fly blog. This is really a practice run to make one as a gift, but this trial version came out so nicely that I'm swapping things in my zip pouch that I keep in my purse right into it.

Here are two more views of it:



If you make it:

At step #4, I marked the thirds but then found it easiest just sew down the entire length of each side. I used the 1/3 markings to box out the corners, though.

I left off the handle, and used quilting cotton with some weft interfacing. I might use fusible fleece interfacing for the next one I make, since this one collapses very easily.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ana's Christmas vest

burda vest
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Here is Ana's matching green velvet vest from burda 9677, at long last. I made Kate's version all the way back in October... the pattern and the velvet have been sitting here patiently waiting ever since.

I lined her vest with some of the christmas tree cotton scraps left from my tree skirt. Since I was working with scraps, the front/left/back pieces each have the trees pointing a different way. It's only a lining, so it's ok though. And I hemmed it with lace, just like Kate's version.

It should look cute over her little plaid dress, and it's really warm since the velvet is quilted to some batting.

burda vest

Friday, December 19, 2008


One more post today!

I wanted to share a jacket that I found at Ann Taylor Loft this week. I went in with a $25 coupon from purchasing some tops there in a month or so ago, thinking about getting some tshirts. This jacket was on a rack near the door, and the pleats and seaming really caught my eye. I love pleats- especially intricate, tiny little ones like this.


If you look closely, you'll also see that the buttonholes are formed in the seams of the jacket front panels -another detail that's rather rare to see these days, but really gives a nice touch. I love the lines that the panels and the topstitching form- even though the material is only a poly, it makes it look like a much more expensive garment. The pleating is continued on the cuffs and there are little pockets (real pockets! and big enough to hold my blackberry!). The buttons are just plastic, but very vintage-looking, and go nicely with the style. Of course it has 3/4 sleeves- pretty much a requirement for me to absolutely love something!


Here's a quick shot of me wearing it. I think this is going to be a great travel jacket to wear with jeans to go see my sailor. I like cropped jackets with a pocket for my blackberry for flying, and this one is really comfy and should wear well on the road.



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more christmas wrapping totes

Hand Knit Flyaway Cardigan

sweater Linda Made has been running an etsy shop as a benefit for a family member with cancer, and this green sweater was one of the items listed recently. I really loved it when I first saw it, and I couldn't get it out of my mind. Of course I ended up buying it, and it came last night. It's so gorgeous! It's made out of cotton, and hand knit by the designer. You can see a picture of it in her post about the sweaters - look how wonderful the swing shape is in that shot!

I've been wearing it today with a blue scarf and a white wool jersey tshirt I made myself from jalie 2005. Even though it's cotton, it's super warm.. I might never take this sweater off. I doubt I'll ever learn to knit this well (I can sort of manage doll sized scarves, in a straight knit stitch only!!), so I'm so happy to have a chance to own an amazing hand knit sweater.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

one finished tree skirt

tree skirt
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Now I need to actually buy a tree and decorate it! In the meantime, Declan's been giving it a few test runs to break it in.

This is loosely from a vintage McCall pattern, 7225. It has a half-circle shaped tree skirt pattern, I went with that rather than draft my own circle shape. I used an ancient, icky mauve color poly-ish boucle as batting to quilt it. Sooooo glad to have it out of my stash, and it made a great batting. This is one of the first things I've ever free motion quilted, and it was lots of fun. My Viking does a wonderful job of keeping the stitches about the same size as you quilt, so long as you don't jerk the material around. I just did some totally freehand meandering swirls around it, and ended up with something with a nice body to it.

So there it is- I really didn't need a new tree skirt, but I only put Santa ornaments on my tree so I kind of wanted a skirt with some Santas as well!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

a sneak peek

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Christmas quilting, but it's not for a bed...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

tote bags

Kate's 1 seam PJ pants came out very nicely- I'm giving them to her now, since they're a christmas ornament fabric and it seems a bit silly to give them to her on December 25th. I also made up a pair of PJs for my sister, using last December's BWOF PJ pants and this December's BWOF pleated-front raglan sleeve knit top (12-2008-113). And I snuck in a pair of pj's for myself from the BWOF pants pattern. I'll have to take a picture of them later... I used a cute little polar bear print from the JoAnns christmas aisle.

I've been "wrapping" presents in reusable tote bags, so here are two of them. Tom's is from Thomas and Friends fabric, of course.
Thomas's tote

And my sister's is from a remnant of the flannel from her PJ pants. I put an outer pocket on it, with an iron on design that matched the penguins on the flannel.

christmas tote

Kids 1 seam pajama pants from a regular pants pattern

pj pants pattern Here's a quick pattern tip for making kids pajama pants. I didn't want to buy a pattern just to get some 1 seam PJ pants for Kate, and I was feeling kind of lazy about making 2 seam pants. You can abut the pattern pieces from regular 2 seam pants to get a 1 seam PJ pants pattern.

Lay out 1 pattern piece, and then put the other one next to it. I use the "alter pattern here" lines to help me line it up. It doesn't have to be perfect, these are PJs after all! Then cut around the entire shape to get your pants pattern. Viola!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

an elephant for Ana

Wee Wonderfuls elephant for AnaFrom Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts, the wee wonderfuls elephant! This is another Ana birthday present. It has a little pouch of some flax seeds inside, so you can microwave it to make it all toasty.

Wee Wonderfuls elephant for Ana

Saturday, December 6, 2008

advent calendar, 2008

Advent Calendar Stockings Kate and I made an advent calendar today for her family. You'll notice that it's December 6, and we only just made one. My excuse here is that I made a perfectly serviceable one last year, but it has since gone MIA. It was actually missing last weekend, but I didn't get a chance to make a new one- thinking that I should make it in secret from Kate. Well, I gave up on that idea, and she helped me out today. She actually didn't seem to mind getting a sneak peak at her presents in there, and she got a huge kick out of Anas. Most of the presents are small ornaments for the tree, but there are also holiday socks, some mittens, and little hair things. She helped me paint most of the ornaments to go in, and pick out fabrics from the scrap pile for the stockings- it's incredible how useful a 5 year old can be! She's almost to the point where she can sew on a button, at which point she'll be indispensible.

I did a lot of looking around the flickr creative advent calendars pool. Sooo many gorgeous creations there! I was thinking of making mine all nature inspired or Victorian style or somethig fancy, but it ended being in the school of "OMG, it's December 6, I need to make something NOW."

A jingle bell stocking with a fleece mittens ornament:
Advent Calendar Stockings

A few stockings on the hanging ribbon:
Advent Calendar Stockings

Some more stockings:
Advent Calendar Stockings

A few stockings waiting to be stitched onto the ribbon:
Advent Calendar Stockings

Some more stockings, with a reindeer ornament that Kate decorated:
Advent Calendar Stockings

Stocking with buttons:
Advent Calendar Stockings

All the stockings on 2 ribbons, then hung from picture hooks:
Advent Calendar Stockings

Thursday, December 4, 2008

fuzzbuster's morning

declan Sharon had a post about the her dogs morning routine, which was such funny timing, as I was thinking this morning that Declan and I have a very definite routine every morning. The alarm goes off at 5 AM and I usually wake up to find Declan snoring away at the end of the bed. I wake him up and lift him off the bed. (He's way too spoiled to jump himself down even though he can pretty easily clear a sofa in a jump if he wanted to.) Then he does his puppy yoga and shakes his fur out while I find my slippers. We go down the stairs -I start first, then he passes me, every morning- and I make my coffee and then feed him. Then I watch him spill his food everywhere while my coffee brews. He's a very messy breakfast eater.

He has two downstairs beds. One is basically a big stuffed pillow with Heather Ross's dog print on the top:
declan's bed

The other one is my armchair, which is covered by a crocheted fisherman's sweater pattern lap sized blanket that my grandma made me to take to college. (It's the blanket underneath him. The flower embroidered one is a thrifted blanket.) I love that blanket-- I think she made one for each grandchild when they turned 18, so that's a LOT of crotcheting.


In other news, the skate guards got their first try out at 8 AM yesterday morning at the bryant park rink. I like to carry my skates upside down by the blades, which used to make the plastic guards pop right off. The new fuzzy guards, though, stayed tight and protected my hands nicely from the blades. Success!

Monday, December 1, 2008

PJs and skate guards

skates Lots of places sell fuzzy stretchable skate guards for about $10 or so. I've wanted a pair for a while, since my hard plastic skate guards pop off frequently (I have cougar brand skates and bauer brand guards and the shape of the blades on my skates is just a little different). So I talked to my mom about making ones, and we agreed it should be really simple. I laid down a skate over some pattern paper, traced the blade shape, and laid it over a fleece scrap left over from Ana's smock. Then I cut it out with a 1 inch seam allowance and zigzagged the outer edge. I folded over a 1 inch casing and threaded through elastic. Start of tracing to finish of both guards was literally 14 minutes. They're sloppy, but I was going for "done" not "flawless" tonight. Well, that was easy! I should make a pair for Kate's skates as well, since she doesn't have any guards right now.

I made Ana a teensy pair of flannel PJs with the leftover flannel and trim from my mom's nightgowan as well.


With a teensy fleece tag to mark the back.
pink tag