Monday, September 23, 2013


Hello blog! I just finished my Mendocino by Heather Ross quilt... or as I think of it, my mermaids quilt.

Quilt is done!

This one is twin sized, and although I did use a lot of my Mendocino fabric, it also has several other Heather Ross fabric scraps and some other fabric bits and pieces as well. It's free motion quilted, and the backing is an old blue sheet I bought from Target years ago.

Mendocino quilt
It's a little hard to get a picture of a large quilt in an apartment, so here is my jury-rigged quilt hanging setup that will sort of show what it looks like...

mermaid quilt



Quilt with yoga!
Girl doing yoga!


Here's another view, draped over our deck chairs....

It's been far too long since I've been on west 38th, but the last year has been a bit crazy. My husband got orders to D.C., and in short order we decided we didn't want to do the long distance thing, so I applied to grad school, we found a place in Virginia, I quit my job, and now I'm a fulltime student! It's nice to see him every night at dinner, as his previous tour had him out on his ship for long stretches of time.

On the sewing front, I now have more than 1 sewing machine- I bought a little Brother coverstitch machine, which I've been greatly enjoying. I'd always hemmed knits with a twin needle in my sewing machine, which was often an exercise in frustration and never turned out very well. As I've been wearing some knit tops and dresses that I've previously hemmed with a twin needle, I've been ripping out the hems (which come right out, which tells me that they were on the verge of falling out...) and re-doing them on the coverstitch. I should have definitely broken down and picked one up ages ago! Now I'm re-thinking the fact that I don't own a serger...