Sunday, February 2, 2014

SBCC Flyfront cardigan

This is a post of not many words, because school has replaced my brain with mush. I've had my eye on the Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick fly front cardigan pattern, SB314, for a while. I finally decided that my desire to make the cardigan exceeded my distaste for print-and-tape patterns by a large enough margin that I would go for it.

The pattern is only 16 sheets, so that's not too bad. One thing to note, since I only saw this on Debbie's post about the Tonic Tee and not anywhere in the SBCC directions is that the pages should not overlap when you tape together these patterns. Unfortunately, as she also notes, home printers don't really print to the edge of the page, so you end up with fairly wide gaps. If you have curved rulers, just pull them out and connect the lines, or guesstimate as you cut out the patterns.

Sewing this was pretty straightforward, although I'm not a huge fan of the construction. The very front panels are doubled; on my knit (it's a t-shirt weight rayon jersey) that means it just slightly tugs forward. The hem is odd, since the front panel is already "hemmed" by sewing together the panel pieces. I'm thinking about just doing some kind of binding or narrow hem around the edges of the next one. I will probably make this again, since I wear open front cardigans constantly. My law school uniform is pretty much dressy Tee or scoop neck top, fly front cardigan or collared cardigan (I have an Eileen Fisher one that I *love* to pieces and by now has gotten into reasonable-price-per-wear category), jeans or black trousers, grey leather sneakers or boots. I am boring, yes.

No fabulous pictures of this, sadly, just a few mirror shots. A little bit on sizing, though. I went with a size medium because I really don't have a petite length torso and I was concerned about the arms being too tight. (Awesomeness: for the first time in my life I can do multiple real pushups in a row thanks to taking up weight training! Not awesomeness: my upper arms have never been skinny, and they are way worse now- I have a bunch of beloved woven shirts and dress jackets that my arms will not fit into. Lame.) The medium fits pretty well, in as much as a fly front cardigan has to "fit" but I do think that the shoulder is a bit long. Not terrible, though.