Sunday, May 16, 2010

Blue pillows

Would you like to know one of my favorite things about a new apartment? Sewing new pillows & things to cheer it up. :-) We're slooooowly unpacking, and I'm slooooowly decorating. With a lot of light blue, because right outside our windows is so much water.


Here are some new flanged pillow cases - that's some Nicey Jane in front, and some Leanika (Um. No. I'm totally not obsessed with that fabric line. At all. Why, really, I haven't bought a whole bunch of half yards of it to sew with! (; ).

The pillow cases were fun to sew up, although I had to improvise with some of the back zippers since I didn't have very many of the right size.

Here is the view out of my new bedroom window... yes, if you look closely, that's the Statue of Liberty hiding behind Ellis Island. We look out towards the New York harbor, and I have to say- this view is something amazing.


Almost as great as my beloved Elliott Bay. Yeah, NYC is amazing- but my heart still belongs in Seattle with the Thursday night regattas outside, and the white & green ferries going back and forth all day.

WA State ferry

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A link

Let's see.... we're in the new apartment, but still pretty much living out of boxes. I'm sick. Our new coffeemaker exploded this morning. Oh boy! ;)

However, I did come across this great post with a scan of a 1940s-ish sewing patterns booklet. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

On the road

Good morning blog world!

I haven't shown any vintage wedding dress patterns here in a while, so here is my latest purchase, Simplicity 8640. Isn't the bodice shape interesting? I don't know how I feel about actually pulling that off in a white silk, with that inverted point front and center. I worry it would come out uneven, or not pointy, or just wonky looking. Which in a solid light colored dress would be super obvious. However, it's really cute to look at!


Here is how the move is going so far.

We said good morning to the ducks on the Elizabeth river....


And rounded up the last pieces in the apartment (you can see I'm still in love with my new L2 bag. it holds everything!)


And set off on the road. Here is some of DC's legendary traffic- it was rush hour by the time we were driving through here.

Beltway Traffic

That was fun. But we made it through in the end, and it gave me a new perspective on Jersey traffic (bad, but not usually *that* bad).

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A lap quilt

I made my mom a little 9 patch quilt from a jelly roll for mother's day...

But of course her grandkids have "stolen" it. ;)

kate reading

The move is finally here! I'm living out of a suitcase for the next few days while we drive the car up from Virginia and get settled. If I remember, I'll take some photos of our Exciting Drive Up the East Coast. Ha! As long as I have snacks and my ipod, shouldn't be too bad.

Last week I made Kate a little shirt out of the Ice Cream Dress pattern. I love how quickly it goes together!

Kate Ice Cream Shirt

It's been beautiful and warm and summery here a lot lately, so we ate a lot of meals out on the deck.