Monday, August 24, 2009

PJ detox

I finished up 2 more pairs of PJs -matching ones for my nephew and brother in law- and then needed something, um... more challenging than flannel PJ pants. ;-) Thankfully my September BWOF arrived Saturday afternoon and I fell in love with jacket #127. Look how cute it is!

I used my black faille from the Vera Lavendar collection and made a size 36. Fits perfectly, hooray! BWOF always fits so well I never make muslins when I use a 36 anymore. Someday I'm going to wake up and find out that they're using different blocks or my body has changed and trash a gorgeous piece of fabric making something unwearable.

Inside out:

The faille is pretty water resistant (nice in our rainy summer) but that means it also kind of repels pins... sewing needles...etc. I used a "sharp" needle for my machine and had a horrible time handsewing the sleeve hems. I bagged the jacket & left an opening at the hem, so that was also a royal pain to stitch shut.

Lining is some yellow duopini silk from Paron's annex. I was going to use some Bemberg rayon lining, but I couldn't deal with the slipperyness. This silk isn't terribly slippery because it's nice and nubby so it was much easier to sew.

I don't have any great photos since I only sewed the buttons on early this morning, but here's a quick view on me running out the door to the train:


Anonymous said...

That jacket is insanely cute! And it is so you! I love it. beautiful work!

Uta said...

Whip up a jacket? Just like that? I'm in awe! And, it looks great!

Meg said...

More pics, please! I loved this one right away too. Kudos on your speediness and great results.

JoanneM said...

Mine arrived today and I LOVE this jacket. Cant wait to see your pictures.

Kat said...

Lookin' good, woman! Cute style too.