Friday, August 28, 2009

two links

lucy's ears Two quick links for a Friday night before I crash and fall fast asleep. (Work has been kicking my butt the last few weeks, which it will continue to do so until Dec 23. At least I knew what I was getting back into when I returned! (; ) Beebee, I can't send you any time to make up the Stretch & Sew patterns- I need it to try the HUGE pile of ones I have here!

*a fantastic slideshow of Michelle Obama's outfits. I LOVE this... I got lost for a looong time flicking through these pictures. I can't believe how wonderfully she dresses! It's 126 photos, so be careful this will suck you in!

* Make zine on poorly made cheap products. This could apply to most clothes that people buy as well. And, well, I say that as someone who does have stuff from H&M/Old Navy/etc in her closet (although I should note that one of my favorite coats is a 4 year old H&M coat that wears like iron! So they sometimes make good stuff).

The bunny, by the way, is my sister's pet rabbit, Lucy. I don't like photo-less posts, so here she is. ;-)

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Antoinette said...

Yeah, the disposable clothing/ fast fashion thing has really run its course for me. I have basics from Old Navy but they are of good quality and have lasted years.

Like you, I don't like to post without a photo! :)