Wednesday, March 18, 2009

macarons and patterns

Reading Lindsay's blog can be dangerous sometimes. Today is my first day back in NYC, and I opened up my feed reader this morning to find her post about the pattern sale at Jonathan Embroidery. And I remembered her earlier post about Macaron cafe on W 36th at 7th. The sun is out, it's warm out, so I took on off at lunchtime. I ended up stopping there and picking up a small box of macarons to bring back to office to share with folks, and one of my friends told me about her favorite place for macarons in NYC- Kee's Chocolates in Soho. I've never been, but I think I need to make the trip in a few days.

At Jonatahan I grabbed two patterns. Butterick 4117, which is a kids dress with a nice sweetheart neckline and Vogue 2923- a DKNY pattern with a nice ruffled collar jacket. No idea when I'll sew either one, but I enjoyed poking through the pattern drawers. They have tons of vogue designer patterns at 70% off to flip through.

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Meg said...

So glad I could be an enabler. Hope you enjoyed the macarons; my mouth is watering just thinking about them.