Sunday, March 15, 2009

More Seattle

Map Quilts on display at the quilting store in Pike Place Market:

Pike Place Market Quilt store

This is a quilt of a topo map of Mt Rainier:

Pike Place Market Quilt store

And some fabric I bought there:

new fabric

new fabric

new fabric

And who knew the Seafair pirates were irish?? They were in the St Patricks Day parade:
seafair pirates

There was a question in a comment the other day about whether I was out here to take my CISSP exam. Nope... that's well off in the future. Just out on a last minute jaunt to visit with my friends, who I missed to pieces. Here is my best friend with his wife:

josalyn & brian

And here is him again, with his college roommate & HIS wife:

brian, russell & lia

We've all known each other for 10 years now... they're almost family to me now. It was wonderful to see everyone and eat dinner together and catch up.

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