Wednesday, March 11, 2009

hello internets

Well. Didn't mean to disappear from the internet so completely, or for so long, but at least I have some good news for all the insanity of the last two months. I'm going to be going back to work for -- I was really sad to leave them 3 years ago to come east to help out with Ana and the other munchkins. Now I'll get to do both, which is wonderful. Can't believe how lucky I am. Hooooray! I first started at amazon in 1999, and most of my friends still work there, so this is very much a homecoming that I'm thrilled about.

Here's a photo of Declan outside my old office. He used to go to work with me every day, the spoiled little guy!

moving day at work

Suprisingly, I've gotten a bit of sewing done since I last posted. My sister asked for some quilted jackets for the kids for spring, and so I made them out of some nice purple WILD printed material. Here's Ana's version, from Burda 9716.

burda 9716

burda 9716

lining is a poly charmeuse from Fashionista Fabrics:
burda 9716

I'm happy to report that the girls love them- they are all about wild prints and Oilily style dressing.

I also made a pair of pants last month, to wear to my interview, from BWOF 10-2008-132. They fit wonderfully, but I don't have any great photos of them on me. This pair was very easy to adjust for a sway back- I want to make another pair, with some pockets, so I'll have to adjust the pattern to add some. Here's a not very good photo of them on me:

bwof 10-2008-132


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Love the jacket. It definitely has the Oilily vibe. And great pants!

Meg said...

So you'll be back at Amazon but still here? Am I reading that right? Cute jackets.

ACorgiHouse said...

I was reading same way, back at Amazon but still in NYC area? Congrats, sounds like you're happy. I wondered where you went. Love the jackets too, bet they're adorable on. Welcome back. K

wendy said...

Aw, thank you for the welcome backs ;-)

Yes, still living in NJ, but now back at amazon. Hooray! I miss Seattle, but the munchkins are here, so that's where I'm staying for now.