Saturday, January 3, 2009

tshirt refashion

tshirt refashion

I won this tshirt in a perl trivia contest at OSCON 2008 in July- it was a men's XL (aaah, perl community, I love you :P) and I finally took it apart and remade it in my size. Is it any wonder that girl geeks sew so much?

The trivia contest was "what is the name of the animal that's the oreilly mascot"? It's a tarsier. (Cute little animal, isn't it? I remembered the name because it's so unusual and my brain collects useless info.)

Anyway. I have a custom fitted Jalie 2005 pattern-- one inch longer in the upper bodice and 4 inches longer below the waist-- so I took the tshirt apart this morning, cut out new pieces with my pattern, and stitched it back up. I used the original sleeve hem, and although it's hard to see the neckline uses a white ribbing. I let about 1/8" of the white ribbing peek out at the neck since it echos the white of the print. The back says "O'Reilly" and "Code Matters" on it.

There's 10 years of old geek tshirts sitting in a box in my closet, and I need to take a few out and re-make them to actually fit me.


kbenco said...

remaking a t shirt to actually fit is very satisfying. It looks great,and now I know what a tarsier is!

Mardel said...

Great shirt remake. I was fascinated with obscure animals when I was young. It is nice to know you won the shirt.

Suzanne Axtell said...

It looks fab! Though we're trying to have gal-shaped and -sized tshirts at our conferences (I work at O'Reilly) now, so hopefully you won't have this project after every show. :)

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

What a great idea!

Meg said...

Don't forget you can always make a t-shirt quilt.