Sunday, January 11, 2009

polar bears and PJs

I finally finished up my sailor's christmas present! Well, the handmade part of it, at least. I didn't get to see him over Christmas because he was busy working, so he'll have to wait a bit more to get it. He's been stationed mostly on ice breakers since we met, and so polar bears have been kind of a long running joke for us. When I found this fantastic polar bear print in JoAnns a few months ago, I knew I needed to make something from it for him. I originally thought I'd do a lap quilt, but it turned into two quilted pillows instead. There are actually two polar bear prints in there, as well as 2 solids. I've given him homemade presents before, and they've gone over well, so I think he'll like these. They'll probably end up on the living room sofa- he has the ultimate bachelor sofa, with two built in Lazy Boys built in it.


Now I just need some cute penguin prints to make some South Pole pillows, or to actually make that lap quilt! (Polar Bears are North Pole, which he's actually been to. I knew they were at different poles before we started dating, but I could never remember which. Now I've been through the deployments and seen pictures, I can keep it straight. (;) When he went to McMurdo in Antarctica, I asked for a photo of a penguin, and he obliged with a shot of one in front of his ship for me:

Penguin in Antarctica

When I found it, I'd bought a ton of the material, so I also had enough to make a pair PJs for myself from each print. Here's one of them, using the Dec 2007 BWOF pj pants pattern. You'll have to excuse the target receipt tucked into my mirror. That's my "hey you can't forget this!" spot, so I always end up with some slip of paper tucked in there.

A close up of the trim on the pants leg:


Antoinette said...

Great polar bear print. The Target receipt in the mirror is hilarious. I do that kind of stuff, too. :)

BeeBee said...

Very cute bears. Try Hancock's for penquins. They had (here in DC, at least) some cute flannel in navy with penquins. Drinking martini's no less. LOL. Narrow width, but decent stuff for Hancock flannel. I would donate it to you, but it's already on its way to being PJ's.

a little sewing said...

How cool is that? My brother was in the CG, too and went to Antarctica twice. Gorgeous pengiun photos especially against the gorgeous red boat.

wendy said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only dork who has to stick things into the mirror to remember them. ;-)

EQuilter has a couple cute penguin prints as well, but I haven't broken down and ordered any from there yet.