Sunday, January 4, 2009

for my quilt

for my quilt
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More mendicino fabric and 1 pop garden.

I tried making another BWOF 06-2008-107 blouse this morning, but I made three left sleeves. Not my day. So I took Kate ice skating for a few hours instead.

I've got the Hot Patterns Riviera cardigan traced off and the tracing cut out, and so that's waiting as well. I really wanted to wear the blouse to work tomorrow- I'm making it in a great cranberry purple silk that has a white windowpane check woven into it, from Mood- but I know that if I make 3 left sleeves it's really time to just stop right there and walk away from the machine for a while.


ACorgiHouse said...

Sometimes you really do have to just stop and step away from the machine. Ice skating sounds like a winner! It will be there when you get back. I'm in the middle of a SW Tribeca Shirt, that Riviera Jacket is next up! K

kbenco said...

You must have been making a blouse for the three armed woman in the January BWOF :) (although I guess one of those would be a right arm). sometimes you just have to stop sewing for a bit, hope the ice skating was fun.

Elaray said...

Yeah. Three left sleeves is a definite signal to step away from the machine! LOL Skating was a risky decision, though! You're a brave woman! :)

wendy said...

Ha! Now I need to figure out what to make with 2 extra left sleeves- maybe I'll just square them off and use them in a quilt.