Sunday, January 18, 2009

an old project

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No sewing going on this weekend, so here's a quick post about an old project. This is a size 6 months dress that I made a long time ago. It finally doesn't fit Ana, so I'm going to be wrapping it up with some other old outfits and mailing it to my cousin in Cambridge, MA. She just had a baby daughter, who will get to wear all the old dresses that don't fit Kate and Ana anymore.

This was one of the first patterns I made by myself for kids clothes, and I remember fussing over the pleats and neckline. The neckline does still kind of stand up a bit, but it's not that obvious when it's on a kid, so it's ok in the end. I also drafted this on regular tracing paper, before I had figured out how to get a good supply of pattern drafting paper. The best place for me, it turns out, is the FIT bookstore. They sell pre-cut rolls of the paper that are pretty cheap. The only problem is making time at lunch to run up there as they close early in the evening and aren't open on weekends.

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