Sunday, January 25, 2009

fuzzy bear jacket

Emptying my camera's memory card this afternoon, so here is Ana wearing her Christmas present fleece jacket with little teddy bear ears (burda 9735, one of my favorite patterns ever):

Dinner is over!

Who hid my walker?

Well, thanks for stopping with the camera long enough to return it to me

Oh boy

See you guys later!

I can't get over the adorable little ears on the hood for this. It's so precious! The pattern is lined, and I've usually made it with a lining, but this fleece version is unlined. I didn't want it to be too bulky, and this fleece is thick enough to be OK on its own.


ACorgiHouse said...

That is just adorable. If I didn't think a 50 year old woman would draw too much attention, I'd stick ears on everything I have, scarves included! Just as sweet as sweet can get! K

BeeBee said...

So cute! I loved that fabric when you first showed it. Makes Anna look soooo cuddly. The ears are cute. Like Karen said, it's too bad we have to outgrow them.

wendy said...

It's such a festive winter print, isn't it? :-) I can't believe I managed to get like a yard and a half from the JoAnn remnant bin... the whole piece was only a few dollars. Definitely well worth buying!

Lindsay T said...

Really cute jacket. I love little kids in fleece.