Saturday, January 24, 2009


Still no sewing. Instead there's been some of this:

And this:

And here is my Coastie pilot, doing some pre flight checks:

And there's also been more teaching Kate to ice skate. She's getting pretty good- I hold her hand and we slowly go around the rink. She's very cautious, so she won't let go of my hand yet, and we skate at a snail's pace. She likes to make sure she's fully figured out each step before moving onto the next one.

I still have the Hot Patterns Riviera jacket cut out and lying on the floor, waiting. One of these days it will get sewn together! My next project will probably be something a bit easier, though. Kate asked for a dress from the blue cabbage rose print from Freshcut. I kind of liked the white and pink peony print, but she went with the blue and purple hues from this print instead.


ACorgiHouse said...

so did you actually go up, up and away? K

wendy said...

Oh, my job is just to sit in the passenger seat and take photos from the air. He loves flying just as much as I love sewing, so we go for "$100 hambuger" lunch trips all the time.

Anonymous said...

Wow, a sailor and a pilot!? He is a man of all transports. Does he fly with his job as well?

wendy said...

Thankfully no, he doesn't fly for the USCG. Those pilots are amazing but it's incredibly dangerous, so I'm glad he sticks to flying only for fun. ;-) I get worried enough about him going out in storms in the boats.