Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Bonjour blogging world!

What has everyone been up to? Are you all sad that it's August & summer is almost done? I'm not particularly looking forward to chilly weather that's just around the corner.

I'm sad to report that I still haven't done any sewing lately. All the fancy hand sewing for my dress must have burned me out far more than I wanted to admit.

The dust needs to be blown off my sewing machine soon, though, because I have Halloween costume requests from the nieces (Kate would like to be a ninja and Ana would like to be Tinkerbell), a cousin's wedding coming up that I'd like to make a dress for, and in October we have a formal USCG dinner coming up. The sailor will be in his super fancy uniform with a bowtie, so I think that occasion calls for sewing up a Little Black Dress. With that in mind, I've been looking through the new Vogue patterns.

The dress version of V 8755 looks kind of interesting - the lines are kind of neat, and I could see it made up in a black silk faille.

What have I been up to in the last month? LOTS of work. Late summer is the start of our Christmas season gear-up. And we re-did our bedroom, by which I mean we have LAMPS in there that are not $10 halogen torchieres from Target and we no longer sleep on a mattress on the floor! Yeah, we're in our 30s and we were living like college kids. ;) I've been reading a ton, too. The book I'm in the middle of at the moment is How Italian Food Conquered the World. I'm really enjoying it, and as a nice touch it has recipes at the end of every chapter. Mmmm yum.

Would you like another wedding picture or is that too much? This is our favorite, and now hangs in our living room.



ACorgiHouse said...

I love it. You are, actually, allowed to do other things than sew... BUT, those Ninjas and Tinkerbells must not be disappointed! Sounds like you're about ready to get back to it :) K

Carol said...

I can see why this is your favourite, it's so lovely.

Lisette M said...

It is a beautiful picture Wendy!