Saturday, August 13, 2011

shack attack!

Shake shack

The sailor and I headed over to the World Financial Center Shake Shack last night, since he's leaving Monday morning for work & will be gone most of the rest of the month. Nothing to send you on your way like an awesome shack burger, so off we went. We're very lucky, it's just 2 blocks and a ferry ride away from our apartment. The Madison Park location often has 2 hour long lines for burgers, but since the WFC one is newer and still hidden under some construction scaffolding the lines are usually not long at all. They're famous for super tasty cheeseburgers and REALLY good milkshakes and ice cream.

It was PACKED when we got there, since I guess word is getting out about the new location, but we managed to find a small table and had just sat down when Elizabeth, of Sewn Blog walked by! OK, is NYC not the greatest sewing town or what? You go out for a burger and bump into fellow sewing bloggers out doing the same thing. ;)

We ended up eating shack burgers and fries together and subjecting the sailor to talk about Jonathan Embroidery's button hole sewing hours and how lazy we have been on the sewing front. I may have challenged myself to start sewing a dress on Monday to wear to an upcoming wedding at the end of the month!

This morning I was up early so I started sewing up a little quilt for one of the nieces:



Just a small attempt to get ahead of the "OMG I have three quilts to finish on Christmas Eve" sewing rush that happened this past December.

And finally, here's the full moon rising over NYC when we got home:


The city can be so pretty sometimes.


SEWN said...

Did I hear you say challenge? Why yes, I think I did. ;) You're on my friend. So great to bump into you last night. Should we meet up there this Friday night? I'll bring Jack and we can find out if we both finished our dresses.

Eugenia said...

How fantastic to bump into Elizabeth like that! New York is such a great city. I love the quilt - the colours are very pretty.

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

I'm a little jealous...but then I always go to the Shake Shack up by me on the west side.