Sunday, November 14, 2010

polka dot coat

Here are some coat innards, from last night! Again, this is BWOF 11-2010-147, the little girl's coat. I changed a few things, using wool instead of a boucle, leaving off the facing (I lined to the edge), and making it single breasted in the end.


I finished up the shell and then paused there for the evening. This pattern was very nicely drafted and it went together very easily- the sleeves slipped right in, the collar met the notches, everything lined up without much effort. Dear BWOF, your new pattern sheets drive me crazy but you are still worth it. ;)


I did have some issues getting the back tab's shape to come out correctly, since the wool was so bulky. Eh. I think I'll get two largish buttons today and sew them onto the tab, so hopefully that will disguise the wonky factor. It is at least sewn on straight, but this photo was at an angle so it looks a bit more off here than it really is.


And here we are- almost done except for hemming the sleeves. To do that I need to try it on the munchkin and she's at her mother's house right now. :-) This is hanging on an adult size hanger so the sleeves are poking out because the hanger is a little too big.


You can't see them, but the pockets are in the side seams. The buttons are gold colored shell buttons that I had lying around... I think the gold picks up the pink so they look ok.

To make the buttonholes this morning I basted a line down the front, then thread traced where the top & bottom of each buttonhole would be across that line. My machine makes a 4-step buttonhole that uses tiny "X"s up & down the sides and I've discovered that they work very nicely for thick wool coats. With the threadlines marking the top and bottom of the buttonholes it's not too tricky to make them as 4-step buttonholes. :-)

So, there we are, a tiny dress coat for my niece!


Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

This is such a cute little coat! I'm sure it will look adorable on your niece!

SEWN said...

THat fabric is TDF! Did you interface or interline the coat?

KID, MD said...

Very cute and beautifully made!

Faye Lewis said...

That is too cute!