Wednesday, November 24, 2010

PATTERNS and some other photos

Let's call this a catch-up post. :-) I'm busy baking chocolate chip cookies for the guys on my sailor's ship who have to work on Thanksgiving, so this might be a disjointed while I move cookie sheets in & out of the oven!

Faye asked recently about how to create boiled wool. I started with some very heavyweight 100% wool jersey, and ran it through a cycle of hot-washer-hot-dryer about three times. I know some people zigzag the edges first, but I didn't, so I did get some distortion. However, I started with 3 yards and I was only making a size 7 jacket, so it was OK.

Next, here are a few patterns I purchased recently. Now I need to get over the sore throat, and find some time to sew them up. (I'm actually not a super dedicated seamstress, sewing while super sick... this is more of a "wow I don't feel great" sore throat so the quilting projects were good to keep my mind off it.)

Vogue 1156.... I love this one. Need to make a muslin soon!


And a really cute little dress that I may or may not ever get to, but which I love looking at anyway. If I didn't go to work in sneakers and jeans everyday, this is what I'd wear.


And finally, some finished photos of the Thanksgiving table runner I made:



I used the "snowflake" stitch from my Viking to quilt the lines.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Kaye from Adelaide said...

The Vogue pattern is a blast from the past- I used it to make my wedding dress in 1976. I thought I looked pretty good in it!

Unknown said...

I am so proud that you learned to sew. Look at how much you have created in just a couple of years. I am no longer with Sew Fast Sew Easy, but thought I would drop in the good note that I am very proud of you. I hope all is well at google.

Keep on Sewing - gregory