Sunday, November 21, 2010

under the weather

The sailor and I are both sick with sore throats... must be the start of winter. We've stocked up on tea and OJ and I've retreated to my sewing room with lots of charm packs to do some holiday sewing. I bought a whole ton of Moda charm packs in the last month and they've been collecting near the sewing machine. Just sitting there looking so cute and tiny waiting to be made into christmas presents. This first one, though, is not a Christmas present at all. Here's the current WIP, a thanksgiving day square table runner, which is not yet quilted. We're all eating at my mom's house, so I've told her to put on an ivory tablecloth & I'll bring this over.


We also have a little table runner for my future MIL. I love the little snowmen!
a table runner

Corner folded up to show the back


Has anyone else started holiday sewing yet?


BeeBee said...

I made the most boring ever tablecoth and napkins. Just serged the edges. Big snooze. Your runners are much prettier.
And I bought fabric for a quilt for my little neice - she's 4.

KID, MD said...

I'm almost done with holiday sewing, although I still have one more piece both to sew and knit. I got started early though, since I've baby # 3 due too close to Christmas for comfort.
I'm impressed with your dedication - sewing while sick! I hope you are feeling better soon.