Monday, November 15, 2010

coat Q & A

Important pieces first, shall we? Cameraphone pictures of my niece in her coats, taken while I was trying to mark with a safety pin where to hem the sleeve.

Kate in her Sgt Pepper jacket

Kate in her new polka dot coat

She quite loves the pockets on the brown polka dot coat so I'm glad that I put them in, even if they aren't fancy welt pockets.

Elizabeth asked if I was interfacing or underlining the coats. The grey coat is not interfaced- when I felted the wool jersey I just kept throwing it back into the washer until it was really thick so it really didn't need anything. That jacket is unlined, anyway. Then the bodice of the brown coat is block-fused using a nice interfacing I buy at pacific trim. It's a lightweight white woven cotten that's fusible, and it's my favorite interfacing these days. It's the white stuff here:

bwof coat

BeeBee asked if I was going to use the reverse of the brown wool. No, I thought it was neat looking but it didn't really fit with the look of the coat, so it's hidden away.

I was all set to start working on a brown tweed coat for myself using a really pretty vintage pattern. However... I lost the pattern! It has to be here somewhere, the apartment is Not.That.Big. I think my fish is hiding it...

simplicity 8043


Faye Lewis said...

Your little coats are looking so grown up stylish. What a nice aunt you are. I have a question about your felting process. Are you washing regular wool fabric to give it a felted look? Could you explain the felting process for me? I'm a big wool fan. I love the look of boiled wool and am wondering if the felting process makes the wool look boiled.

Uta said...

The coats are so pretty! You did a wonderful job.