Saturday, December 13, 2008

tote bags

Kate's 1 seam PJ pants came out very nicely- I'm giving them to her now, since they're a christmas ornament fabric and it seems a bit silly to give them to her on December 25th. I also made up a pair of PJs for my sister, using last December's BWOF PJ pants and this December's BWOF pleated-front raglan sleeve knit top (12-2008-113). And I snuck in a pair of pj's for myself from the BWOF pants pattern. I'll have to take a picture of them later... I used a cute little polar bear print from the JoAnns christmas aisle.

I've been "wrapping" presents in reusable tote bags, so here are two of them. Tom's is from Thomas and Friends fabric, of course.
Thomas's tote

And my sister's is from a remnant of the flannel from her PJ pants. I put an outer pocket on it, with an iron on design that matched the penguins on the flannel.

christmas tote


ACorgiHouse said...

Absolutely adorable, and I love the reusable wrapping! Despite all the things I "hear" it really makes me wish I had a JoAnne's nearby. Sigh. K

MaryPat R said...

The totes are really cute and a great idea.

wendy said...

Thanks :-) My sister was eyeing her tote under the tree this evening, but I don't *think* she's gotten close enough to check the name tag and figure out it's hers yet.

JoAnn's is certainly not the garment district, but if you accept it on its terms, it's not too bad. It's close to me (whereas NYC is a 55 minute drive on the weekends), it carries reasonably cheap notions and has coupons, and it's a good source of crazy novelty prints like christmas polar bears- which is the one thing that's it's basically impossible to find in the garment district.