Monday, December 1, 2008

PJs and skate guards

skates Lots of places sell fuzzy stretchable skate guards for about $10 or so. I've wanted a pair for a while, since my hard plastic skate guards pop off frequently (I have cougar brand skates and bauer brand guards and the shape of the blades on my skates is just a little different). So I talked to my mom about making ones, and we agreed it should be really simple. I laid down a skate over some pattern paper, traced the blade shape, and laid it over a fleece scrap left over from Ana's smock. Then I cut it out with a 1 inch seam allowance and zigzagged the outer edge. I folded over a 1 inch casing and threaded through elastic. Start of tracing to finish of both guards was literally 14 minutes. They're sloppy, but I was going for "done" not "flawless" tonight. Well, that was easy! I should make a pair for Kate's skates as well, since she doesn't have any guards right now.

I made Ana a teensy pair of flannel PJs with the leftover flannel and trim from my mom's nightgowan as well.


With a teensy fleece tag to mark the back.
pink tag

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