Monday, December 29, 2008

pintucks and more box bags

No pictures yt, but I made another skirt from Stitch magazine... this one is the pintuck skirt, in brown corduroy from Ebad's on 8th ave. I wore it to work today with my brown knee high boots- finally another skirt I can wear with them! I think I've never had so many skirts I can wear with my boots as I do right now, which is a small triumph for me. This idea of actually sewing things I'll wear a lot, instead of things that look neat but never come out of the closet, is a bit of a work in progress for me.

In any event, I bought myself, finally, a bluetooth headset for my phone. I've wanted a jawbone in the light gold color since it was announced months ago, but it only just recently dropped in price enough that I would buy it to use while driving. Amazon sells a little bag to hold the ear piece in, for $10. Or, I could make a little bag for it myself. ;-)

Here is the little bag... cute, but nothing you couldn't knock off with a bit of fabric!

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Gwen said...

Definitely make one! You could get fabric with so much more personality than that dark zippered pouch... I made a little drawstring pouch for my iPod and I just love it. :)