Thursday, December 4, 2008

fuzzbuster's morning

declan Sharon had a post about the her dogs morning routine, which was such funny timing, as I was thinking this morning that Declan and I have a very definite routine every morning. The alarm goes off at 5 AM and I usually wake up to find Declan snoring away at the end of the bed. I wake him up and lift him off the bed. (He's way too spoiled to jump himself down even though he can pretty easily clear a sofa in a jump if he wanted to.) Then he does his puppy yoga and shakes his fur out while I find my slippers. We go down the stairs -I start first, then he passes me, every morning- and I make my coffee and then feed him. Then I watch him spill his food everywhere while my coffee brews. He's a very messy breakfast eater.

He has two downstairs beds. One is basically a big stuffed pillow with Heather Ross's dog print on the top:
declan's bed

The other one is my armchair, which is covered by a crocheted fisherman's sweater pattern lap sized blanket that my grandma made me to take to college. (It's the blanket underneath him. The flower embroidered one is a thrifted blanket.) I love that blanket-- I think she made one for each grandchild when they turned 18, so that's a LOT of crotcheting.


In other news, the skate guards got their first try out at 8 AM yesterday morning at the bryant park rink. I like to carry my skates upside down by the blades, which used to make the plastic guards pop right off. The new fuzzy guards, though, stayed tight and protected my hands nicely from the blades. Success!

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Sharon said...

Oh I love this post. He is one gorgeous dog! Sophia waits to be carried even though we know she can easily jump off the bed (and does if she thinks treats are being handed out in the kitchen) and Abby runs past me whenever we go down the stairs. They sure do provide endless amounts of amusement don't they?