Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ana's Christmas vest

burda vest
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Here is Ana's matching green velvet vest from burda 9677, at long last. I made Kate's version all the way back in October... the pattern and the velvet have been sitting here patiently waiting ever since.

I lined her vest with some of the christmas tree cotton scraps left from my tree skirt. Since I was working with scraps, the front/left/back pieces each have the trees pointing a different way. It's only a lining, so it's ok though. And I hemmed it with lace, just like Kate's version.

It should look cute over her little plaid dress, and it's really warm since the velvet is quilted to some batting.

burda vest


Lindsay T said...

That is an adorable vest, and I like the new Ann Taylor jacket with its classy details.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Ohmygosh - if that isn't the cutest little vest!!! I think I'm stealing the lace at the hem of the vest idea would look so awesome on a jacket...

wendy said...

Thank you :-)

The lace at the hem on Kate's vest was only just because I was out of coordinating hem tape when I made her vest. ;-) And Ana's is to match. It was really easy to stitch down though!

Gwen said...

Adorable! I especially like the lace hem - what a special detail!