Friday, April 29, 2011

Wedding dresses!

Did you all wake up at the crack of dawn to watch the royal wedding? I LOVED her dress. It's such a pretty, updated variation on Grace Kelley's classic dress.

from the Globe & Mail

Here is Grace Kelly's dress:

Of course I LOVE that she chose this style since I'm kind of echoing Grace Kelly's bodice style in my dress as well. ;) It's a really flattering look for a lot of body shapes, I think, since you get some coverage but it still looks very elegant and fancy.


Alexandra said...

Well, I didn't watch it but thank you for posting the picture. The dress is really lovely.

Antoinette said...

I saw part of the recessional and adore her dress. It fit like a glove! Which I guess is what you expect when money is no object. Can't wait to see the big unveil of your own dress! I've been following along with your dress adventure much more than Kate's! LOL