Saturday, April 2, 2011

Market Blouse

The Market Blouse by Lisette is Simplicity 2211. It's a really simple top with a fake placket and outside facing at the neck. I made up a version in a very lightweight silk/cotton border print voile I'd bought at Mood a year ago, and wore it to our family's memorial lunch for my grandparents today.

Here I am with a whole bunch of my cousins:

And here's a closeup, with my sailor. This was his first introduction to much of my extended family. Thankfully he survived, and he seems to think we're somewhat normal despite my warning him that he's marrying into a crazy family. ;) Well, he'll learn soon enough!


We had a VERY long day, since so many people had traveled pretty far but it was wonderful to see everyone and share silly stories of growing up over at the farm. Do you remember my run-in with the rat snake 2 years ago? That story got repeated a bit. We reminisced about the geese and chickens that used to run all over the farm... the fig and quince trees and making jelly from them... all the crazy things we used to get into all summer long.

So the pattern for this shirt was very easy to put together and went together in just about 2 hours, even accounting for how wiggly the fabric was. The placket and "collar" are interfaced with a lightweight woven interfacing from Pacific Trim, which worked pretty well.

I just ended up making two small alterations... lengthening the bodice and making the arm band a little wider. It's a very easy wearing shirt, and I can see myself making up a few more of these to wear to work.


Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

This is a really cute picture of you and your future...and I'm loving the blouse too!

Meg said...

Very nice, Wendy! I am thinking about making this top too. Love the photos!