Sunday, October 17, 2010

a wedding dress

Would you guys like some wedding pictures? I got the film back from the pictures that I shot my friend's wedding, so I thought I might share a few.

As I mentioned earlier, she sewed her dress! With a bit of help from me and a few other friends, but she did the bulk of the work. This corset and skirt are, respectively, the third and fourth items of clothing she has ever sewn. Amazing, no?? If only we all just jumped right into whipping up wedding dresses when we started!! ;)

Jocelyn & Matt

Jocelyn & Matt

She hand sewed crystals onto the skirt, which was silk organza over duchesse satin. The top corset is lace over a silk corset.

Dress closeup

skirt with beading

There was some last minute tweaking... This is Vashti sewing. Somewhere is an identical photo of me in that red dress doing this to another piece of the dress. ;)


The wedding was tons of fun, and I had a great time shooting. Since they had an official photographer, I just brought film camera with a 50mm prime lens and meandered around shooting whatever caught my eye. No pressure, so it was very enjoyable. Here are a few more:

Jocelyn & Matt


Updo in process


Gail said...

She looks beautiful. I love the darker lace on the bodice.

Meg said...

These photos are lovely, Wendy! So is the bride's gown.

KID, MD said...

She looks beautiful. Amazing dress!

Patricia said...

Wow, she did a great job! Nice photos, too.

Karin van D. said...

Great pictures, what a beautiful bride. And what a treasure that she made her dress together with her friends. By the way, your dress looked beautiful too!