Thursday, July 2, 2009

two midweek BWOFs!!

You know something crazy is happening when I'm sewing in midweek. In this instance, "something" == a transformer explosion in downtown Newark that knocked out the power to our building on Tuesday. There was a huge fire as well. This was the view from our office before the oodles of firetrucks raced in:

newark fire

This was somewhat inconvenient as I'd had BeeBee's BWOF pants pattern sitting in an envelope on my desk all last week and I was determined to make it to the post office that day. Well... Newarks' post office is directly behind the building spewing black smoke there. You can guess how that went- I ended up bringing it home and stopping off at the post office in my town instead!

So since we left the office early I didn't have my usual late commute home and I sewed myself up a skirt from BWOF 12-2007-118. I'd stumbled over this pattern making a copy of the pants instructions for BeeBee and thought it looked kind of cute. I did a slapdash job on it- no lining, just a ribbon waistband, and I think a few of the buttonholes are in wonky. Thankfully I chose a busy print and black buttons... no one is particularly going to notice my wonky buttons. ;-)

And... last night, I made up a pair of shorts for Kate, from BWOF 05-2009-137. She's wearing them in the photo above, here's a closeup. The fabric is a stretch ripstop remnant that I got for $1.50 at JoAnns. I left off the front fly and just made the whole waistband an elastic waist. And I used the selvedge as the leg hem. Midweek sewing is always slapdash for me. The ribbon trim is from Pacific Trim in NYC.

BWOF 05-2009-137

BWOF 05-2009-137

And here is our dessert tonight... hazelnut cake with creme fraiche. Yum!

hazelnut cake with creme fraiche


Anonymous said...

You have been busy! yum on the cake...and I love Kate's shorts--the raw edge makes them!

kbenco said...

OK, so this post has everything - a fire, with photos (for general excitement) cute skirt and shorts (for sewing kudos) and a really delicious looking cake. Thanks! So spill on the recipe? I have a feeling this would be fabulous with strawberries.

ACorgiHouse said...

What luck! A fire that doesn't hurt anybody, but shuts down work so you get a "snow day." The skirt doesn't look a bit wonky to me, and the shorts are adorable! We won't talk about the cake.. K

Uta said...

I love the ribbon trim on the shorts... very stylish! And there's a lot to be said for fast skirts. It's a great basic!

BeeBee said...

I could use a fire day. What luck! And the BWOF wasn't up in smoke. Cute shorts, btw. Kate always looks so cute!.