Thursday, June 25, 2009

lavender fabrics

boucleCarolyn had a few posts about the vera wang lavender collection fabrics in the last few days, and I wanted to add some photos and notes of the ones I bought. I was really happy that she'd pointed out the sale on these, as the prices were great. I really like the pieces that I got. Lets start with my favorite here, a black and white wool blend boucle. I bought a yard to make a pencil skirt, but the fabric is really wide so I might make something more than just a pencil skirt. We'll see. It's got a very nice hand to it. I opened all these with my mom and she said "that's a great skirt material" as soon as I'd pulled it out. So I'll line it with silk or some ambiance and make a skirt for fall.

Lavender and white poly and rayon brocade- I wasn't sure what to do with this when I ordered it, but I liked the print. My mom really liked it when I opened the box, and she's much more willing to wear prints than I am, so I offered to make her something from it. It has a stiff hand for how thin it is and is a bit shiny, so we discussed a skirt but she doesn't like large scale prints for skirts. So it will be a cropped jacket- I'll find a BWOF pattern for one (there have been a bunch recently that are really cute).

Black Cotton/Poly faille - really, really, really like this! I recently bought a khaki colored faille jacket from J Crew and I've been wearing it almost nonstop for the past month. The weave is so tight that it's almost waterproof... nice in all the rain we've been getting. So I'll make a similar black jacket from this. This one was hard to photograph so that you can see the stiff drape- it's really black, but I had to play around in photoshop.

silk wool white Silk/wool twill -another one I love. It has a very light hand and drapes very easily. I'll probably make a skirt from this for fall.

black flannel Stretch wool flannel - I was thinking of making pants from this, but it's a bit heavy for that. So now I think I might make a fitted dress or a coat. The face is really soft!

wool jersey Charcol wool jersey - I was hoping this would be light enough to make a wrap dress for winter, but it's a very beefy wool jersey. Not a bad thing, just not going to work well for a wrap dress. So I think I'll make a zip front hoodie from it, using the jalie hoodie pattern. That will leave me with some extra, so I might make a skirt or something as well.

silk blend
Silk and Rayon blend - has a hand almost like a duchesse satin. Very stiff drape. Not sure what to make out of it... probably it will end up being a fitted dress or something. We'll see- the color is really pretty so I'll figure something out!

So anyway... these are mostly fall fabrics so I might not sew anything with them until September or later. They'll be sitting on the bookshelf waiting for cooler weather sewing to start!


Antoinette said...

Great to plan ahead on your fabric buying now. I am also looking at the magazines and swooning over fall styles, layering, etc. *Haha, when it's 103 degrees out.*

Patricia said...

Thanks for the review. I mananged to resist the sale, so it is fun to shop vicariously through your purchase.

Mardel said...

I love your photos and the plans for the fabrics. Really yummy this morning.

gwensews said...

Great fabrics. And, fabric can always be beefed up with the addition of an underlining. You'll make some beautiful things with all of this.

gwensews said...

Hi! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I have a poly/cotton fabric I'm thinking of using for the white shirt. I also have cotton/lycra, but that wrinkles terribly. And, I have 100%cotton, which would be better if I want to do pleats and pintucks. It's a toss-up right now, until I decide what pattern and techniques I'm going to do.

Anonymous said...

I love the boucle and a skirt would be perfect (or a Chanel jacket)! I can't even think about fall yet. I am very impressed that you can plan ahead!

Alexandra said...

Wow, you have some really nice fabrics there and great plans. It's so hot and sunny here it feels like summer will never end (a good thing in my book) so it may be a while before I start planning fall sewing.

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

I'm starting to think that I bought the wrong pieces...I love the silk/wool twill you got! *LOL*