Saturday, April 30, 2011

muslin muslin muslin

Hello wedding dress saga followers! ;)

Today has been bodice fit day. Tweak the neck, take in the shoulders, tweak the neck, take in the sides, re-draw neckline, tweak the armhole, etc. My original plan was to use the original dress bodice of the vintage simplicity and have the vogue lace overlay be removable... but that doesn't work, since it won't stay in place even with a sash over it. Also, the shape of the simplicity tank-top style bodice under the high neckline of the vogue looks a bit wonky. So now I'm planning to attach the vogue dress bodice directly to the skirt of the Simplicity, and line the bodice front and back with light white silk habatoi, instead of just underlining in organza. This is why you do practice runs, I suppose!


I made all the adjustments just to one side, and it really looks SO much nicer on that side now, which is a very gratifying return for the hours with a seam ripper.

And the pleats. Once they're sewn, the pleats do give a gorgeous tulip shape to the dress. But marking them, and sewing them, is.... aRgH! They are three deep, sewn at angles, and all kinds of fun. Here's a little peak at the instruction sheet for them:

instruction sheet

Yeah. going to be fun marking these on white silk- I think that tailor's tacks in various colored threads (white, ivory, light tan, etc) is going to have to be the way to differentiate the A,B,C, and so forth pleat lines. Do you feel my joy thinking about marking and sewing these? ;)

You can see the deep pleats (in the orignal version with the simplicity bodice) here:

Simplicity 5343 Muslin


Cindy said...

I love the dress. You are so patient sewing this dress! I love seeing the process.

Faye Lewis said...

What a perfect fit on your bodice.

Lisette M said...

It's looking great! I love the pleats!

JoanneM said...

Woo Hoo. I just joined to watch you and cheer you on.
The dress and fit are LOVELY!!!!