Sunday, April 10, 2011

easter sewing

Easter outfits are all sewn up!

Here are the cute Oliver + S overalls for Tom. The cotton on the top is a little bunnies-in-squares print.

tom's easter outfit

Since I hadn't made this pattern for him in a few years, we did a sizing check. Yes, it fits, even over his sweatshirt. He was not so sure about this outfit- his comment was "my knees are cold." Ah, Thomas, stop growing up! Can I keep you a smidgen little guy forever? This might be the last Easter we can dress you like this!!


And here are sneak peeks of the girls dresses. Ana's is the Oliver + S playdate dress pattern.
playdate dress

Kate's uses the bodice of the Sewn With Love tulip dress and some bunny ribbon I found in my stash.

easter trim

I used some Lisette fabric I'd found at Joann's for each, since it seemed like coordinating-but-not-matching would be a nice change from the matchy dresses we've done for easter in earlier years. It just didn't seem like a frilly lace kind of easter this year. Maybe I'm getting lace overload from the wedding dress.


KID, MD said...

I love all the little bunny details. So cute!! My big boy won't let me dress him in sweet little boy things anymore - I had to have another!

Joy said...

So cute! My boys are WAY too big for Easter outfits like that ):

painting techniques said...

These outfits are amazing! Great works!...Daniel