Sunday, January 10, 2010

Vogue 2253 again

Well, I traced the front, back, and sleeve patterns:
pattern tracing

Then I added the 1" in length to the bodice, and increased the arm pattern:
longer pattern

And straightened out the new sleeve curve:
arm pattern

Here's a blurry closeup of the front:

I feel like I need to raise the bottom of the armhole up again, since now it hits too low- but the bust dart hits a little better place. I didn't pinch out the dart at the inner corners of the neckline since I wanted to see just the extra length. I'm wondering if maybe an inch was too much to add and I should fold out a half inch. Hmmmm.


The back definitely needs a swayback fix.


My brain is kind of mush so I'll keep this short, but there we are- muslin #2 of vogue 2253. ;-)


Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful and so do you.

Antoinette said...

Hey lady, it's tough to see where the bottom of that armhole is from the photo. What's jumping out at me is where the bodice drops off your shoulder -- if you took off an inch or so from the bodice at the top of the armhole, I think it would sit much more like in the pattern envelope illustration. Not sure if that would affect how the sleeve cap looks (seems to have more ease than the smooth sleeve cap on the pattern envelope). As it is, those low sleeves might be pulling the neckline away from your neck, so perhaps by lopping off that bodice at the top of the armhole, maybe the neckline will sit flatter on its own.

Just wanted to share those observations and thoughts in case you can use them! You deserve a break! What a busy weekend sewist you have been!