Saturday, January 9, 2010

Another muslin...

Here's muslin #2, from Vogue 2253. First I marked the bias grainline on the skirt pattern pieces using a quilting ruler that had a 45 degree line marked on it. I lined that 45 degree line up on the original grain line, then used a marker to draw in a new grainline. In order to cut the skirt pieces out of the muslin, I cut about 6 feet off the bolt for each piece, unfolded it, then folded it perpendicular to the way it had been folded on the bolt. I was then able to cut the skirt pieces out. The front, back, and sleeves were cut out from the extra fabric around the skirt pieces.

When I attached the skirt to the bodice I had to ease stitch around the waistline of the skirt- something I rather expected I'd have to do, since the bias relaxed a little bit while I was sewing. This skirt has a nice little dip at the hem in the very back- sort of a hint of a train- which is really cute, but not long enough that I'd trip over it. It's just enough to sort of pool a little bit on the floor when you're standing still.

Here is the muslin hanging up by my sewing machine with the fitting notes on it- this one is definitely worth tweaking and trying again! I tried it on with my wedding shoes and twirled around the kitchen for a minute. :-D

muslin #2

The fitting notes are:
  1. Increase size of arm pattern. I have chubby biceps. ;-) I'll do a slash-and-spread from the base of the arm pattern up to almost the top
  2. Add about an inch just below the shoulder- this adjustment my mom always has to make for herself, and she thinks the bodice will look better with that extra space
  3. pinch out a dart, in the pattern, at the lower corners of the neckline to bring the shoulders in a little bit. The neckline and armhole need to be "narrowed" to fit me better.

Once those are done, we'll re-examine the bust darts. They looked weird, but it's no use adjusting them before I make the other changes.

I'll likely take out the waist seam and reuse the skirt pattern pieces for muslin #2... I should have written the fit notes on the bodice instead of the skirt piece, but there you go!

Merideth asked how many bolts of muslin I have.... a few! I'm using kona muslin, which is fantastic soft drapey stuff that I always use for quiltbacks. For one, I want the dresses I try on to have a somewhat similar hand to the real fabric, and this muslin is sooooooo nice! I have a special project in mind so I'm saving all the largeish muslin scraps from cutting out these dresses for it. And last, Kate (who is no stranger to muslins- I make them for some of her little dresses to check length sometimes) has asked if she can have the muslins for the patterns I don't end up choosing to play dress up with. She wants to paint & embellish them into princess dresses for dressup. Yeah, they'll be huge on her, but she loves playing with long fancy dresses and these will perfect for her to goof around with.

Carolyn asked what I'm doing with the dress patterns once I've picked one out- besides the one I pick, I'll probably keep a few of the ones with shorter dress options, and then- I have no idea what to do with the rest. Most of them I bought for the directions, which I won't need anymore once the real dress is done. And I really don't have the time to sell them back on ebay, so there will probably be a big dress pattern giveaway here next May or something. I don't want to keep them hidden away in a box forever, so stay tuned! ;-)


Anonymous said...

It's beautiful. I would love to see it on you after you make your tweaks.

KID, MD said...

It's shaping up to be one stunner of a wedding dress!!

ACorgiHouse said...

I love it, simple and elegant. This is getting to be fun... K