Monday, August 3, 2009

zebra stripes

Where did that weekend go? Actually, I know where mine disappeared to, but it seemed like it flew by far too quickly. First, this is a skirt I made my sister for her birthday present and never posted here. I was going for SCHNAZZY. The fabric is some weird fuzzy knit horrendous stuff from Joanns that burnt if you ironed it without a press cloth. Nasty stuff. I wasn't taking this skirt too seriously though, so it was OK. I'm also making her a wrap dress from V8379 but that's not even cut out yet.

I joined the Go Chanel or Go Home Sew along and so... you can read about where my weekend disappeared over there. ;-)



Adrienne said...

what a cute skirt!

Anonymous said...

I love the trim with the zebra!

Kathi said...

The skirt sure looks cute! There are so many zebra prints out there now. I have been fighting the urge to buy some!

Kat said...

When you find out where your weekend went, please let me know ;) ! My weekend is sure to be there as well.