Monday, July 27, 2009

Stretch & Sew patterns: free giveaway CLOSED



BeeBee said...

Cool score! How come all I find at yard sales are old computer monitors and ice trays?
On set 2 what are the patterns on the top left? Ends in 68 and features a top and skirt? Which pattern is included? Is it the top?
Also, set 2, top row 4th from left with striped top - is the top the pattern?
If the answer to these (or either of these, I suppose. Beggers can't be choosers) is yes, I'd like set 2. The dress 1553 looks interesting, too, if I can skip the football shoulder pads.

Antoinette said...

Wow, that truly is the motherlode of Stretch & Sew patterns! This is a very generous offer. May I claim the skirt set? I'm actually much more interested in the romper, sundress, and undies, but if it's an all-or-none thing I will be happy to take them all. Thanks, Wendy!

JodieK said...

Wow that is quite a set. I'd like set #3 - mostly the tops.
I'm not a blogger - how do I give you my mailing address?

JodieK said...

Okay, this makes more sense to me. E-mail me to get my mailing address, should have thought of this sooner.



Renee G said...

I would actually be interested most in the skirts.

Megann said...

It seems I'm late to the game on the tops, but if you have any left, I'd be glad to take them off your hands.


Beth said...

I would love to take the pants set. I would be happy to pay for the shipping and something for the patterns too if you want.


Beth said...

Beth again, on the pants patterns: my email is crbeth(at)gmail(dot)com


Joyce in NC said...

I'd like set #3 - mostly the tops.
But I'll tak ethe pants or skirts if the tops is no longer available.

Sharon said...

I'd love the kids set. I have little ones to sew for. Cool stash give away! My email is

KID, MD said...

I'd also love the kids ones, although the tops are great, too.

What a fab find!!

Kat said...

Lucky, lucky, lucky! Doesn't it feel like Christmas when you get a stash like this?