Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hazelnut cake recipe

Apparently I was a bit sneaky with the hazelnut cake recipe. ;-) It's the same yogurt cake that I always make, from Orangette. If you read to the bottom of the recipe, you'll see the recommendation to swap in a half cup of almond flour. For the hazelnut cake, you just use hazelnut flour there. It's super simple to make and a really flexible recipe.

I've gotten sucked in by all the underpinnings sewing going on in blogland and I spent pretty much the whole afternoon today wrangling Simplicty 5549 (from 1982!) into fitting me, and having a back band. I had to draft my own back pattern piece since it wanted you to use just elastic for the band. And then the A-cup pattern pieces were- surprise- huge, so I had to take it in quite a bit. But here we are- it fits! It's made out of some silk and stretch lace.

simplicity 5549

Here's the pattern envelope. I want to make the full slip sometime.

simplicity 5549

I also picked up Jalie 2568 recently and made a floral PJ top for myself and a purple and white one for my sister. It's a really simple pattern, so it takes all of about 30 minutes to make.

jalie 2568

jalie 2568

And finally, Declan in his furry PJs the other night. I tried getting a picture of him with his eyes closed, but he opened them every time I picked up the camera.



Faye Lewis said...

Very nice work. You've got to stop it with the Pj's - every time I see you make a pair, I want a new pair too. (lol)

ACorgiHouse said...

Cute pjs, especially the fur ones. How do they do that? I think they can see through their eyelids :) K

BeeBee said...

Pretty underpinnings. I bought the Kwik Sew book, but haven't gotten to it yet.
Kacy used to do the same thing with my old camera. I finally decided it must make a noise that she could hear before it snapped the pic. I never could catch her doing what she was doing. My new one doesn't do that.

Antoinette said...

I looooove hazelnut anything. Don't get me started on that. I have a great Nigella recipe for a chocolate hazelnut torte that is just scrumptious. Anyhow...... I was just musing over the fact that I need to get sewing my own undergarments. They are so expensive and hard to find in the exact right fit and feel. Did you use hardware for the bras that is standard in most fabric stores, or did you go to a specialty store (clasp, etc.)?

Liana said...

I'm late, as usual, but this bra is so cute! You're lucky to be able to wear the beautiful, wispy ones successfully. Think about the all lace Calvin Klein sets. They'd be perfect for you, and easy to copy.