Sunday, July 26, 2009

blue and brown yarn

This is some super soft yarn that I bought for my sister from Windsor Button in downtown crossing. I know nothing about yarn other than some skeins have to be specially wound before you can knit it (the sales lady said these are a shape that doesn't need that). And I think they come in different sizes, but I'm not so up on what those sizes are. These ones are very soft and snuggly- I figured she could make scarves for the kids out of them. If they're good scarf knitting yarn! No idea on that front either! ;-) But they feel nice and the colors are pretty.

While I was there I bought a bit of cute whale ribbon and some neat pink buttons.
whale ribbon!


I've been eating lots of good food here. Delicious pepperoni pizza, cannoli, ice cream. And some nice morning coffee:

morning coffee

Yesterday I bought a new sketchbook in Pearl Art, which reminded me of a story from when my sister and I were in college. She was a first year when I was a senior, and I desperately needed more mat board for one of my photography classes in November. She was going into Boston for something and I asked her to stop at Pearl to pick up some. She bought about 3 boards- huge ones, like 3 feet by 4 feet or something very large and stepped out the door to walk to the T stop. It was a REALLY blustery day and the way she tells it, she had to wrestle the mat board- which wanted to turn into a sail- up the street and into the T, and then out to Wellesley. The experience nearly killed her, almost blew her out to the Atlantic Ocean, and made her determined to major in something that didn't involve wrestling huge pieces of cardboard on a regular basis. I'm sure she got me back for it somehow. ;-)



Lisette M said...

The yarns are pretty and your sister can make scarves or hats for the kids.

Antoinette said...

The whale ribbon is luscious! The colors! And I'm with you -- I've tried knitting and it just doesn't suit my personality well. I'll always buy my sweaters, I say!

When I see a new sketchpad, I know there are ideas brewing! Hope you'll be up for sharing the magic. :)

Patricia said...

I love all the photos in this post. Gorgeous!