Sunday, July 12, 2009


Short post, because I'm exhausted. I was out in the hot sun most of the day picking raspberries at the farm... we have hundreds and hundreds of them. I always pick them in sleeveless tops because between I can't stand getting long sleeves caught in the thorns. Unfortunately, then that means that my arms get all scratched up- you get to pick one or the other. The berries are so worth it though! I came home with a bunch beets, spearmint for tea, more rhubarb and some squash as well. Yum!

My sister asked for a couple new pairs of PJs for Kate. First pair, from cotton interlock print from JoAnns.

new PJs

And here she is with Tom


Antoinette said...

If my aunt sewed me cute and comfy PJ's I'd be smiling like that, too!

Anonymous said...

the fabric looks like a japanese cotton motif. Sweet pjs!