Sunday, June 7, 2009

more sewing for Kate

PJs for Kate First, thanks so much for the compliments on the black vintage pattern dress! I wore it around some more and it's really comfortable. I was wearing it with a black slip under it, and I ended up sitting and talking to Kate and discovered that she had NO IDEA what a slip was. So now I owe her a little half slip of her own. ;-) I made a project for her this morning from some fabric she picked out a few weeks ago. That's Hannah Montana flannel. For PJs. Originally she wanted a dress from this, but I talked some sense into her in the fabric store. Of course then we got home and my mom said that I should have done what she wanted- a dress from this flannel. I ended up telling her that if anyone was going to be sewing a flannel dress it was going to be her, not me. I don't see a dress from flannel working very well! My mom is big into letting kids figure things out for themselves, so she thinks if Kate wants a flannel dress, Kate should get to help make a flannel dress and see if she likes it. I figured the Kate help was going to be minimal (it was indeed) so I stuck with the PJ pants route. :-D

PJs for Kate

Here's some decorative stitching on the pants hem- I used a bit of floral binding as a semi-quick hem.

PJs for Kate

And then after that, I took the skirt off a sundress I'd made myself a while ago and never wore. I put a new, Kate-sized bodice on it instead. This skirt was mid-calf length with an empire waist on me, so it's loooooong. I need to try it on her and figure out where to hem it. i'm glad that this is getting a second life- I like the pink fabric, but the original dress looked horrible on me.
refashion for kate

It buttons over her shoulders, so there's no need for a zipper at center back, so I decided to try something new. I stitched the bodice lining to the skirt, then stitched the outer bodice to the lining at the continuous neck/arm seam and flipped it right side out- now the bodice lower seam hangs free. I covered it with a ribbon. No particular reason for doing it this way, I was just goofing around.

refashion for kate

You might notice that I did confused with this inside-outside change around and I got the interfacing for under the button holes on the part of the lining that's "outside" inside the dress. Oooops. I don't think anyone can see it when it's on her, though.


eword10 said...

I love those two prints together for Kate's new dress. And what a great idea to recycle your dress. Can't wait to see it on her. And thanks for stopping by my blog!

MaryPat R said...

The hems are really cute on those pants. I will have to try that.
Good save on your unworn sundress.