Monday, June 15, 2009

lacy birthday dress

Shhh, it's not her birthday yet, but here's Kate trying on her unfinished dress. She spied it in my sewing room and wanted to test drive it- and she was very good about putting it back away when she had tried it on so that it can be wrapped up for the party! She looks very serious, but she was busy "being a model" for these photos. ;-)

The lace insert hand sewn in place to the neck:

You can see the bright blue lining in the sleeve:

A full shot:

I put an invisible zipper into the back, but in these photos it was just hand basted in place. I've sewn it in now, and finished sewing the last inch of the fabric to the lining at the neck, trapping the top of the zipper in that seam. I find it easiest to leave that inch open and finish it up after the zipper is in. The lining is then slip stitched to the zipper tape down the back on the inside.

And here is the owl dress. I'm wearing a BWOF top from the November 2008 issue- one of my favorite shirts now.
kate & me

I looked through my drawers here and I found two more dresses that I never finished for myself that I will see if I can refashion into dresses for Kate. It hasn't been too much work yet to rip out the old zippers and take off the bodices, so it's nice to see the skirts at least get a new life!


gwensews said...

That's a sweet dress. Looking forward to seeing it finished. Your daughter must be a "girly-girl". Lucky you! My daughrer was a tom-boy. At 38, still is!

MaryPat R said...

Kate looks cute in the new dress. It looks just a titch wide in the shoulders, so she should get a lot of wear from it. And what a good girl to hand it back to be wrapped up!
The owl dress photo is a great one of both of you. She is getting so big.