Sunday, June 21, 2009

Knit ruffles!

This is the Jalie tshirt pattern I always use, in size 6. The pants are a "vintage" (aka inherited from my aunt) Butterick pattern in size 5. Just your basic elastic waist kids pull on pants.


And this is the "I just had a chocolate cupcake with mocha frosting with real espresso in it!!!!!" look.

Here's another one. There's a reason why I don't have my own kids (Kate is my niece, I get to return her to her mommy at the end of each weekend). I don't know better than to feed kids cupcakes with coffee and oodles of sugar in them. I've been teaching Kate to bake, just like my grandma taught me, and I'm wondering now how she dealt with all the inevitable sugar fits.


I think the house survived post-chocolate-cupcakes, but it was a close call. Anyway, the shirt fabric is this neat stuff with ruffles sort of knit into it. I bought it because of a thread on Artisans Square. Someone linked to Marcy Tilton's site with that fabric, and I found the botanical print linen there also, and... well... they turned up on my doorstep. I'm planning on making myself a skirt from the linen, and a tank top from the knit fabric. My sister has an order in for a camisole from it, so good thing I have almost 3 yards! The fabric is really awesome- the ruffles are the same type of thread as the underlayer, just knit a little denser.

After Kate had calmed down, I made up another pintuck skirt from Stitch Magazine. You might recall that last month I tried making myself this in denim, and came up with a skirt that was too tight. This is 3% lycra denim, and it fits much better!

stitch magazine skirt

Here's a better view of the pintuck detail
stitch magazine skirt

I used a pintuck foot and a denim twin needle with topstitching thread from Guttermann. The pintuck lines were transferred from the pattern with chalk paper and a tracing wheel- it actually went pretty quickly, and then making the skirt up went much better this time. I put an invisible side zipper in, and ye olde grosgrain ribbon waistband. I like fast. ;-)


BeeBee said...

Wow, really nice weekend projects! I LOVE Kate's shirt, that is some cool fabric. You have to take a picture of all 3 of you in your tops when you're done.
You're skirt's really cute, I like the pintucks. I have a burning desire to make something with pintucks. Your denim skirt is a nice choice.
And, of course, the cupcakes. Yum. My son prefers white cake with those stupid sprinkles. yuk.

ACorgiHouse said...

I have found that one of the greatest parts about being an aunt is you can fill them with caffeine and sugar, or buy them drums, and then send them home. They think you're terrific, and the parents can't say a word. I love that lace fabric, I saw it on SG and have been thinking about it ever since. Love what you did with it. K

Antoinette said...

Love love love that skirt. I bought that magazine and really wanted to make the Uniform Studio skirt. But the sizing is not Antoinette-friendly and I don't have the patience to grade, at least not this year. I also like this pintucked skirt and yours have both looked fantastic.

I think sugar and kids is a myth. Caffeine and kids, however... probably an undisputed fact that caffeine will get them amped up. ;)

Faye Lewis said...

Both are really cute!

verobirdie said...

The top and the skirt are really good.
I made a note about tucking foot...

Claudine said...

Great ruffle top!

Lindsay T said...

That is the cutest top! Paron's might still have this same fabric in the Annex, in hot pink. Love your clever skirt.

Faye Lewis said...

I started to make my own piping, even bought the cord and everything, but opted out this time. The fabric is a chain link print.