Saturday, June 13, 2009

flannel PJ pants

I came home from vacation to find my sister a little sick- no fun if you're the mom of 3 little kids. I felt a little bad that I was lounging around poolside in Florida while she was feeling so lousy and chasing the little monsters around, so I made her some "feel better" PJs. These are from the December 2007 BWOF pajama pants pattern, made from flannel from Sandi Henderson's Farmers Market fabric line. The binding on the bottom of the pants is also farmers market, "Henna Garden" print. This flannel is sooooooo soft. OMG. I've never felt such cuddly flannel before!

I tried them on to get a picture:
PJ pants for my sister

I have about a yard of the flannel left, and I think I'll make it into the quilt backing of a baby quilt. It's too cuddly so it will make a nice soft quilt!


Faye Lewis said...

How nice of you to make them for your sister. I love PJ pants and have even traced that pattern out but never got around to making them yet, now that I've seen yours may I will now. Love your fabric too.

What kind of camera do you have?

Faye Lewis said...

I hope you are doing well!!! - haven't seen you post since right after the storm. I'm in the mood for some great flannel pj's so I remembered the super cute ones you had made and came way back here to take a look at yours to find out what pattern you had used. I'm still in love with them as well as your pretty pretty quilt project that always look so girly.