Saturday, June 6, 2009

1960s A line dress - Vogue 6924

After a few years, I've FINALLY finished this dress. My aunt gave me the pattern in october 2007.

Dress Pattern

It's really beautiful, and was actually the first pattern I ever saw with stitching lines marked on it! I actually started a thread on Stitcher's Guild with a photo of a pattern piece, asking what in the world those crazy inner black lines were. ;-) Shortly after that, I made a muslin and had my mom fit the bodice. Then I cut out the dress from some black stretch twill with white dots woven into it- from Parons, and it was marked as a How & Wen fabric. It has a nice weight, hefty enough that you don't feel like the skirt is going to flying up, but light enough to drape well. The all in one arm/neck facing is cut from some bright pink silk. Then I stitched the dress up, pinned down the facing and left it. Literally, it was hanging 3 feet from my sewing machine from October 2007ish until this afternoon- I finally pulled it off the hanger and hand stitched down the facing inside (I should have interfaced the silk, but I didn't, and it was threatening to slide around and flip out). Then I hemmed it with bias tape, since I knew if I was going to hand sew the huge skirt it would take another year or so to finish it!

Here's a photo:
1960s vogue pattern

SO glad to have finally finished this up- it was probably my longest lived UFO! I really like wearing it, so hopefully it will get some use this summer. With a cardigan over it, it should be pretty wearable for my office for the summer. I wish I had an occasion to wear the longer dress to- I'd love to make it up in a silk twill or something, but I can't say that my life calls for any floor length gowns outside of Halloween. ;-)

Here's the envelope back:
Dress Pattern envelope back

I didn't really follow the directions for the dress, but they're really detailed and have you underline and everything. If I find the right fabric, I'll do it up again the "right" way with the underlining and everything.


Faye Lewis said...

Oh, that is so cute!

Anonymous said...

That dress is super cute! I can't believe you let it languish for so long. ;) It looks very swishy. I bet it's fun to wear. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

So cute! You should post it on Sew Retro. I am loving vintage lately.
And long dresses are the rage! You could easily wear it in the summer if you made it in a breezy cotton...I am making my second maxi dress!

Antoinette said...

Cute cute cute! Love them with the patent Birks, too.

Claudine said...

Love the square-ish neckline!

Shannon said...

You really should have finished this dress up sooner because it is wonderful on you - very flattering! I am putting this pattern on my wish list now - thanks for the inspiration.

Gwen said...

What a beautiful dress! :)

Christy said...

I love dresses like this one! very nice!
I did notice that fabric requirement you were asking about the Knipmode dress. I have some fabric that's about 6 or 8 yrds that I've been sitting on for awhile now and it's time to cut it up!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

What a great contemporary take on a vintage dress! You look fantastic in it!