Sunday, May 3, 2009

swirly loops

For BeeBee and Karen: Ice Cream Ball, pint size. You'll have to find your own army of kids to kick it around on the deck for 15 minutes, though. ;-) Perhaps you could send some of the thunderstorms back up here though? The tree pollen is driving everyone nuts, we need a bit of rain to wash it away, please!

I practiced some more free motion quilting on a "craft sized" (so says the batting bag) scrap quilt. Here's the front:
Quilt front

Quilt front

The back is from the Farmer's Market line. I loooooove the back of this quilt, it's so crinkly and the dahlias are so pink and wonderful. I used more than an entire spool of thread on this - Gutermann 100% cotton again, with a new size 80 needle, and didn't have a single broken thread. Hooray!
Quilt back

You know what strikes fear into my heart? Finangeling a king sized quilt through my machine. This is 50 blocks short of king sized:
stacked squares

I've sort of just figured out how to wrestle with this wimpy craft sized one! I suppose I should try a twin sized one next. Here's another view. That's a a lot of squares... this thing is going to be a beast to put together.

stacked squares


Antoinette said...

You would be so brave to quilt a king-size on your own! I always assumed I could piece one on my own but would send it to a shop for quilting. I bet you'll do great though -- your small quilt looks wonderful.

BeeBee said...

I really like your craft sized quilt. Nice quilting. I'm ready to sandwich and quilt mine. I'm not sure I'm going to do FM, though. Just call me C H I C k E N, but I'll likely Stitch in the ditch again. Mine turned out a bit larger than a twin.
The dalias on the back are fabulous. It's nice to see someone else who quilts with some real color.

Marita said...

Such a beautiful little quilt, love all the different colored scraps:-)